September 17, 2012

Keynote Speech
▪What role for open universities when eLearning becomes universal?
- Sir John Daniel(former President of COL)

▪The roles of open and distance education in moving towards a knowledge society
- Dr. Gwang-Jo Kim
(Director of UNESCO Asia Pacific Regional Bureau for Education)

The 4th KNOU/OUC/OUJ International Seminar
▪A New Challenge at KNOU: the Establishment of "New Start College"
- Prof. Dongkook Lee(KNOU)

▪Investigation and Analysis on Construction Status of China's National Quality Courses and Some Inspirations from Knowledge Network
- Prof. Wei Shunping(OUC)

▪Collaboration Programs at OUJ: Credit Transfer Arrangements and Alliance Schools
- Prof. Rie Ohashi(OUJ)

▪OER for Open and Distance Learning
- Prof. Taerim Lee(KNOU)

▪OER: Hopes and Fears
- Prof. Atsushi Iguchi

▪A Brief Analysis of Web-Based Course Design and Management in the Open University of China
- Ms. Zhang Tong

▪Analysis of Resource Construction on Open Education Based on the Knowledge Network Environment
- Prof. Weizhi Tang(Shenzhen RTVU)

e-ASEM Network Meeting
▪Lifelong Learning City
- Dr. Arne Carlsen(Director of UIL)

▪Factors Contributing to Lifelong Learning Skills: OUM Tracer Study
- Prof. Mansor Fadzil(OUM)

▪Innovate or Perish!? - New Forms of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
- Prof. Vogt, Sebastian(Fern Universität)

▪Open Educational Resources at an Open University: Purposes, Functions and Sustainability
- Prof. Tsuneo Yamada (OUJ)

▪Changes to the Educational Paradigm and Smart Learning: How do We Develop the Smart e-Learning Teaching & Learning Model?
- Prof. Sungho Kwon(Hanyang Univ.)

▪A Virtual Field Trip Development of ASEAN Open Distance Learning Community
- Prof. Jaitip Na-songkhla(Chulalongkorn University)

▪Classical and digital openness in a fascinating blend
- Mr. Jos H.A.N. Rikers(OUN)

▪AHP in Usability Evaluation of Web-based Educational Computer Games to Enhance e-Learning Applications
- Prof. Azizah Jaafar(UKM)