'The Journal of Lifelong Learning Society' is published by the Institute of Distance Education of Korea National Open University. It is an academic journal aimed to help educators expand their scope of education and educational exchanges and ultimately usher in the era of a lifelong learning society while exploring fundamental theories and practices pertaining to lifelong learning and learning society such as ideologies, philosophies, educational systems and policies, and educational methods and strategies.
평생학습사회 제10권 제2호 Journal of Lifelong Learning Society

The journal is the successor to 'the Journal of Distance Education' which was in publication for twenty-six years. While building on the progress 'Journal of Distance Education' had made, the first issue of the current journal was released in 2005 to contribute to advancing the development of distance lifelong education in higher education, which is also the vision of KNOU, and to promoting research and exchanges in distance education.

In its early years, the Journal was published biannually. However with growing interest in the journal, in 2011 it started being published thrice a year. Moreover, the Journal is now listed in the National Research Foundation of Korea's database. As the Journal celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2015, it is prepared to make another great leap forward. Consolidating its position as the leading journal in lifelong education, it plans to expand the scope and scale of research areas so that more in-depth and promising studies will be published through the Journal.

It will include research in not only the existing fields such as distance education, educational engineering, adult higher education and lifelong education but also in the fields of educational philosophy, psychology and sociology, encompassing every single research area that can reflect on and construct theories of lifelong learning and learning society, and empirically exploring their trends. From year 2015, the Journal has four issues, one additional issue from the years before, and exempts the publication fee for individual researchers who carry out their studies without a research grant in order to support more promising and in-depth research.
Future research for an impending lifelong learning society needs a comprehensive approach, new perspectives and analytical insights from various academic disciplines. Being at the forefront of the journey towards the lifelong learning society, 'The Journal of Lifelong Learning Society' would like to propose new visions for education and pedagogy. We hope many research papers that contain futuristic contents with bold imagination and creative ideas will be published through the Journal, and more researchers will find their voices in the Journal.
We sincerely ask your continuous interest in and support for 'the Journal of Lifelong Learning Society' in the future.
Thank you.